Dog Collar Introduction

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The teacher walks his dog on a leash, but if the dog is a Chihuahua or a Bernese Mountain Dog, it will make a choice between thin and light collar or harness for the dog resistant comfort, especially if the animal is powerful and nervous. To keep the dog at the foot walk, the leash will be short practice, contrary to the lanyard or retractable Flexi leash to be selected to allow more freedom of movement to the animal. Next activity practiced with his dog, education, walking, hiking, canicross, mountain biking, ski-joëring etc., matter of all upholstery and cushioning will choose between leather or nylon. To walk several dogs mated to think and education or semi choke collar choke steel mesh. The strength of necklaces can be a solution to contain Rottweillers or other powerful dogs. Kn'1 offers a wide range harness, leash and collar.

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